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Superior Ultrasonic Technology
Wide-range Sensing (0.4m - 4.8m)
Auto On / Auto Off
Requires 4 AA Batteries (not included)
Engineered for Efficiency
Wall Mounted

Park-Zone - an innovative, precision-parking device which provides solutions for depth perception and overcrowding in the home garage environment.

High tech, low maintenance, and easy to install. Park-Zone utilizes space-age technology and is adaptable to all vehicles. While set-up is virtually effortless, please read the instructions carefully.

Operation of Park-Zone is analogous to that of a traffic-light. A green light illuminates upon entering the garage, a yellow light cautions the approach, and a red light comes on when you are precisely in the park zone.

Park-Zone's Ultrasonic Transducer (the sensor) is active at all times. If you listen carefully, the pinging sound of the sensor is barely audible.

Each ping represents a sound wave, which determines, i) if there is a vehicle within the sensing range, and ii) how far the vehicle is from the wall as it approaches.

The brains behind the entire operation is an advanced on-board microcontroller which controls the timing and function of each mode as well as the "shifts" from one mode to the other.

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